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The 2024 6th Annual Machine Gun Shoot benefiting Berthoud VFW is at Great Guns Sporting on August 17th, 2024, 9am-2pm.  It requires an entry ticket to attend and also requires hearing protection for all attendees and protective glasses (sunglasses) to shoot or be on the firing line.
You can shoot, watch, or you can bring and shoot your personal transferable firearm to include, pistols, rifles, and automatic weapons. 

On site will be fully trained instructors to help you with the provided weapons or your own personal weapons if you have questions.
You can also sign-up for beginning or advanced classes onsite.

To shoot any provided weapon, you will need to purchase the preloaded magazines that are provided by Phoenix Weaponry.  (Not yours to Keep)

The weapons include the machine gun
shoot/demo, as well as the M1919 above!!!  All shooters need to purchase tickets so that we can pre-order ammo for the event.  The order form is posted . All proceeds go to the Berthoud VFW.
Proposed weapons for the shoot. There may be other vendors with their weapons as well.

1919 Browning
1928 Thompson
M16 A1
M16 A2
Integrally suppressed "Morgan"
Suppressed Mac 10
Suppressed Mac 11
AK 47
Sten Mark II
Sten Mark IV
Sten Mark V
Glock 17

There are opportunities for vendors to join in and set up their tables onsite.

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