JUNE 5, 2021

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"Gabe's gauntlet" is a berthoud local fitness challenge scheduled for june 5

7am-9:30am at Berthoud high school

please be at bhs nlt 7am to check in

It is a fitness challenge with exercises specific to gabe's favorite workouts...

It is an organized berthoud event that will include the following:

-sprints to workout stations at parks

-rock wall

-sandbag lunges


-leg lifts

-axe throwing

all while wearing a weighted vest or body armor!!!

ending at berthoud high school

this is meant to be a fun yet challenging event for the family.

all proceeds will go to

"gabe's guantlet scholarship" for eligible berthoud high school students.  registration is open now!!!

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Register f0r

gabe's gauntlet

Registration fee is $30


Thanks for registering!